All you ever wanted to know about Moi!

Well, darlings, in case you weren't aware – I am a fictional character.  (I know, muffins, I'm just as disappointed as you.)

My name came about after a Barrie City Council meeting in Spring, 2019, at which a certain man-child on Council sang the praises of the citizens in the chambers speaking up for an issue with which he agreed, and then turned to another group of citizens speaking up for another issue with which he disagreed, and called them "the biased public".  This is but one of the many instances of public silencing and shaming that I have witnessed from Barrie City Council in the time since, and... well, my darlings, it got me a tiny bit cranky.  And I started paying a little more attention, and... oh my, did not like what I saw.

And so, The Biased Scribe was born!  Keeping an eye on Barrie City Council, with snark and sass and just the teensiest bit of gin to keep me from going postal on them all.  When I die, please bury my liver in Council Chambers, as a reminder to them all. 

The après-Council