Marg Delahunty meets Kady O'Malley – with less talent and more f-bombs

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Oh my darlings, it appears that those children down at Barrie City Hall have been causing quite a mess, with nobody keeping an eye on them.

But never fear!  The Biased Scribe is here!

Armed only with her fountain pen, her favourite gin, and rapier-like wit (or at least a dull pencil), the B.S. cuts through the BS, and exposes the naked emperors who think they're wearing crowns.

You can follow The Biased Scribe live-tweeting the shenanigans at City Council meetings, watch her rants when the fury needs unleashing, or if you're lucky, you can catch her "in the wild" throughout Barrie, handing out Golden Pencils of appreciation to all who work hard to keep democracy healthy.

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City Council

Barrie City Hall or YouTube, 70 Collier Street, Barrie, ON

Two direct motions – and likely a few "without notice", as that is what they do... The legit ones are a pilot program to get high schoolers to use public transit, and a rep from the Catholic School Board is added to the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan Committee – meaning all of one suggestion was listened to, but still not a single soul from the communities supposedly being addressed by this plan.

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